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Bringing quality and affordable
customisable ergonomics to the masses

Omnidesk™ was founded with a free-spirited and an ambitious objective: to offer height adjustable standing desks at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for healthy-lifestyle conscious businesses.

The best ideas usually come in response to an important problem. Ours was simple: standing desks are too expensive. 

We were a bunch of small business owners/tech consultants cum retired gamers, and the ageing factor started to set in as we spend 18hrs at the desk daily. With all the hype of big companies out-fitting their offices with standing desks, we decided to try them for ourselves too. The costs however were so exorbitant and we were surprised how hard it was to find a decent standing desk that didn't require us to munch on bread and biscuits for the entire month. Even at those prices, choices and designs were also very limited. So where were the options?

Turns out the ergonomics industry is a niche market monopolized by just a couple of big companies that have been able to place extortionate markups on prices while profiting from consumers who have no other options. 

We started Omnidesk™ as a spinoff from our sister company - Aftershock PC to create an alternative. A Revolution. A disruption. 

By implementing a direct sales model, bringing design and R&D in-house, and bringing our signature Customer Service (from Aftershock PC and Prism+ sister companies) to engage with customers, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better aesthetic, more functional custom standing desks at a fraction of the going market price. 

"Why should a 1.5m tall person use the same standard-height desk as a 1.9m tall individual?" 

"Why should healthier ergonomic alternatives be priced out-of-reach to the masses and only the affluent can afford them?" 

Not all workspaces are created equal. 

We believe everyone should have easy access and be able to afford a lifestyle-changing standing desk (or furniture) and even customize it to their needs. That goes from entrepreneurs with home offices, small businesses, students or just people who wants a standing desk at home for work or play. 

Our straightforward mission: Bringing quality and affordable customisable ergonomics to the masses.



The Omnidesk™ is more than just a desk for your PC or work. Our vision of the Omnidesk™ is that of a fully modular platform, packed with features and accessories that will allow you to customize your desk with tools to create a perfect setup that is ideal just for you.

The best part? Once you purchase an Omnidesk™, any future accessories or table tops can be purchased from our ever-growing ecosystem to upgrade your setup.