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Away from the dreariness of contemporary furniture, the Omnidesk Wildwood collection seeks to bring an air of rustic sophistication with a curated list of premium solid wood table tops. Elevate your workspace and add a touch of class to your workspace with our Wildwood collection.

Hevea Natural

Available in 48"& 60"

Hevea Richbrown

Available in 48", 60"& 72"


Known for its durability, beautiful grain and elegant blonde shade, Hevea brasiliensis is one of the most sought after solid wood in the world. Most commonly found in contemporary furniture, this tabletop would seamlessly complement your existing decor.

Powder Coated Wood Tops

Environmentally Friendly. Hevea Brasiliensis will only be harvested after it completes its latex producing cycle. Instead of leaving these trees to decay, they are harvested and given a second life as an integral part of your Omnidesk experience. Our Hevea tabletops aren’t just desirable, it’s also sustainable.

Unrivalled Toughness. Hailing from the Maple family, Hevea Brasiliensis is one of the strongest solid wood used in modern furniture. In order to survive in the sweltering tropics of South-East Asia and Brazil, Hevea trees developed a natural resistance against fungus, bacteria and mould. It is even fire-resistant and would receive much less fire damage compared to other solid wood. Each piece of timber that goes into our Hevea tabletops are meticulously Kiln-treated to temper its intricate grain structure, further enhancing its natural resilience.

Natural Hevea - Available in 48" and 60" Straightedge only
Richbrown Hevea - Available in 48" / 60" / 72" Straightedge only
**Colours may vary individually, Images for illustration purposes only

Top: Finger-Joined Panels
Every panel is bonded with an intricate clasp ensuring uniformity.

Side: Edge-Joined Panels
Multiple panels joined together to form a mosaic.

Improved Grommet Landings

We have also taken the time to improve the Grommet Landings of each Wildwood+ tabletop. The improved grommet landing now runs the entire width of the grommet cut out which makes the tabletop look that much sleeker.


Elevate your current workspace into a centerpiece of your productivity with our Wildwood collection.
Our selection of carefully curated solid wood tops comes in a variety of shades and tone so you can always find one that would not only complement your workspace, it might even come its centerpiece.


What makes our WildWood Collection different from other solid wood available? The key difference is definitely the signature characteristics of the Omnidesk table tops are retained. We have brought all that essence on onto the WildWood tops. 

XL Cable Passthrough.
CNC precision laser cutting of the signature XL Cable Passthrough is available, maintaining all that cable management goodness.

Chamfered Edges.
Solid wood tops usually come with sharp edges, but for our WildWood Collection we make sure every piece comes with chamfered edges to maintain aesthetics and comforts.

Metal Inserts With Precision. 
Using precision engineering, we ensure that every top has metal inserts placed to fit the Omnidesk Pro frame seamlessly. With machine screws and inserts, you no longer have to worry about dismantling or your wood screws ruining the hold of the desk. 


Omnidesk Ascent - The All-New Smart Solid Wood Standing Desk


The WildWood Collection


Tops: Hevea 

Omnidesk Ascent - The All-New Smart Solid Wood Standing Desk


The Wildwood+ Collection


Tops: Pheasantwood & Acacia+

Omnidesk Wildwood Pro 2020 - The Classic Solid Wood Standing Desk


The WildWood Collection


Tops: Hevea 

Omnidesk Wildwood+ Pro 2020 - The Classic Solid Wood Standing Desk


The Wildwood+ Collection


Tops: Pheasantwood & Acacia+

Up to 7 Years Warranty Coverage

Worry-free with an industry leading warranty period. Our desks are made with state of the art manufacturing processes and rigorous testing is done to ensure quality and durability. What's important, with our reputation as the #1 standing desk brand in Singapore, you can be sure that we will be there for you when you seek warranty help. Of course, you'll also get to experience the award-winning customer experience that we are renowned for.

All Electric Desks comes with a standard 3-year warranty. Want further coverage? We give you the option to extend the warranty for up to 5-years.
*Receive a complimentary 2 year warranty on top of the extended 5 years. Top-up for a longer and more comprehensive warranty and cover up to 7 years in total.


Exceptional quality at industry-disruptive prices.


Direct To You. To ensure that you get the full Omnidesk Experience, every Omnidesk item is sold directly to you. Bringing you both cost savings and the unparalleled buying experience. No secrets - we have economies of scale and a highly efficient manufacturing line. But instead of increasing our margins, we bring these savings directly to you.


We often find competition struggling to match our pricing by having a similar, but mediocre product (single motors and plywood laminates) or having “hidden costs” by removing key items which are already included in our Omnidesk  pricing like table-tops, memory controllers etc. We are that confident, that feature by feature, quality by quality, we would be the best valued standing desk in the market. Ironically, even after the upgrades, we are still the best priced custom standing desk you can get.

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